$100,000 taxi ride

A lot of guys in our business know only one way to compete – based on price.

Here is something that you need to understand about prices: if I were to tell you that I want to sell you a brand new Rolls Royce car for $5,000, you would immediately think that it is some kind of scam.

So, when you are offering people something of value, but the price is too low, people immediately become suspicious. It is the same about taxis. What if I were to take you from New York to Los Angeles in a taxi for $10? The logic is: if you are priced low, you just can’t be good. There’s something wrong there.

Now, what if I were to tell you that I have a taxi ride for $100,000?

Your reaction would be: “Whaaaaaat?? How is that possible?”

You’d be interested in what is going on. How can a taxi ride cost $100,000? You’d want to know more.

Think about these two examples.

Rolls Royce for $5,000: you get skeptical.

Taxi ride for $100,000:  you get interested.

When you sell something outrageously expensive, you get people interested. They want you to tell them more and answer their questions.

This gives you an opportunity to sell your service as a welcome guest. Now you can say “Here are 5 reasons why our taxi service is so expensive:…”

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