A Surefire Way To Meet *ALL* The Smart Business Owners In Your City

In my Taxi Business Marketing System and other products I talk a lot about the value of partnerships for a taxi company.

Ideally, you want to partner up with anyone and everyone: bars, clubs, senior citizen living centers, dental offices, schools and so on. The list is endless.

Partnerships give you a lot of opportunities to not only provide the described above partners with taxi services, but also to potentially expand into minivans, buses and so on.

There are a number of ways to meet business owners in your city. One is to join the Chamber of Commerce. Another one is to do direct mail and use all the tools I talked about in my Marketing System.

There are also indirect ways.

This weekend in New York was an Open House New York Weekend.

According to Open House Worldwide, ‘Open House’ is a simple but powerful concept: showcasing outstanding architecture for all to experience, completely for free. Open House initiatives invite everyone to explore and understand the value of a well-designed built environment.

This being said, Open Houses in different cities go further than just architecture. For example, this year in New York Google was one of the participants. Here’s the link for you to check it out: http://www.ohny.org/site-programs/weekend/sites/google-inc-%E2%80%94%C2%A0design-workplace-tour

So were Brooklyn Glass and Department of Transportation Traffic Management Center

Why am I telling you about this?

Simple! If a Department of Transportation Traffic Management Center can be a place of interest, so can be your office, especially if you are using technology. Here, for example, is a picture of an office from one of my clients:

Chances are, there is no program like Open House in your town.

If so, here’s an idea: you could organize one. Suggest one at your Chamber of Commerce Meeting. Even if your office isn’t using technology and is located in an undesirable location, you could get onto the wagon for a program like this as an organizer and meet all the Googles of your town.

Then, once you meet them, all it’ll take for you to offer them a partnership with your taxi service is one phone call.

Over the weekend I’ve been working on a new program that will be available exclusively to current Inner Circle Members and those who have invested in my high-end trainings in the past. If that’s you, keep your eye on an email tomorrow.

And if that’s not you, maybe it’s time you got more serious about taking your taxi business to the next level than reading occasional free emails?

Check out the Resource page for more information about the available resources or simply grab my book here if you haven’t already done so.


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