Advertising to hire for your taxi business: a checklist

Today I want to share with you a a simple checklist to use when advertising to attract the best employees possible for your taxi business, be it drivers, dispatchers or managers.

1:  Have a headline. The purpose of a headline is to grab attention, not to give an idea about what your ad is about. Instead, use a headline to pull a reader in, so that he/she reads the remainder of the ad. “Drivers wanted” is what everybody else is using as a headline; it is lame, and it is boring. Don’t use it.

2: Have a message in your ad. Create interest. Tell a story. For example, you can say that you know what people’s perception of taxi business is: Cars that stink, and taxi drivers that don’t speak English and don’t know the area. But your taxi company is not like that. Instead, as a taxi business owner, you are changing that; you are on a mission, and you are looking for people who are different because your taxi company is different. You are doing different things. That is a story. Such a story creates interest; it immediately puts you in a position that you are not like every other taxi business out there.

3: Explain the benefits of working for your taxi service. Do not simply describe the services you as an employer offer. Tell potential applicants what they would be getting by working for you, not just what you offer.  Give them what they want to hear: security, stability, how long an average driver works for you, how happy people are working for you, etc.

4: Have a deadline. Discuss your need to hire (possibly for special holidays or promotions, travel season, etc.) Advertise your need to hire, but provide a deadline and a sense of urgency.

5: Have an offer that you can track.  Don’t put the same ad everywhere. If you do, you won’t know what ad worked and what ad didn’t work.

6. Have clear instructions on how to respond.  “Call us at this number, from this to this time” is necessary so that applicants can already see how clear you are as an employer.  Remember this when you are advertising (whether it is to attract employees or clients), people care about what they will get as your client or what will they get when they start working for you. Do not put your phone number in a big font because it doesn’t accomplish anything. An attention-grabbing headline that pulls a person in to read your ad is what should be in the big font. Then once they read it, there is a call to action with some instructions on what to do and how to do it for those people that are interested.

7: Have fewer, pictures especially those of your cars or taxi drivers.  Believe it or not, some taxi business owners will put a picture of a Bentley or a Porsche 911 Turbo in their ad. People know that your taxi company does not have Bentleys or Porsches. What’s the point of these pictures, then? There’s none. Stick to reality.

Want complete step-by-step instructions how to find best people to work for your taxi company? You can find them here: Step By Step System On How To Find All The Drivers, Dispatchers and Mechanics You’ll Ever Need

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