Answering your questions: Airport Concession Taxi Stand Lost. What to do?

First of all, thank you for all the questions and compliments about my website that you guys are sending me. I’ve had a lot of new private clients and members of my Taxi Profits Inner Circle, so I’ve been quite swamped lately. I’ll get to all your questions, though.

Here’s one for today:

Good day sir, our taxi problem is that our association was servicing this airport since year 2000 without any complain from the customers. Then all of a sudden last year
a private taxi concession was introduced by the former airport board chairman. That this concession enter the airport easily with the help from influential people at the said airport. We already seek/ask help from the higher authority but still this private concession started to operate side by side with us this month. The system is alternate system for customers but the real score here is we loose income since they started this year. can you advice us what to do and how to repeal this concession. Does an airport really is authorized to have two taxi concession. Is there a federal law that authorizes only one taxi concession to service airport. Thank you sir

Justiniano L,

My answer: There is not federal law regarding taxis in the United States. There isn’t really anything you can do to get the stand back.

What you can do: get customers’ names and addresses. Keep in touch with them, so that next time they come to visit they pre-arrange the fare.

If you create a database of your customers and build a relationship with them, problems like that one you’ve just described won’t be hurting you anymore.

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