Answering Your Questions: Do I Support Taxi Top Advertising?

The question came from Tony Jackson of 1st Taxi & Charter Bus Insurance Services, Inc.

My answer:
I absolutely support it for non-premium services. For premium service there should be a town car or a lexus or mercedes, but I guess it’s more of a for-hire vehicle then.

There are two caveats:
1. If there are a lot of muslim drivers, the owner needs to make sure that they are okay with semi-naked chick rooftop ads and all that stuff or that the chicks go on the tops of cars whose drivers don’t care.

2. Taxi tops usually decrease gas mileage a little. This expense should not come out of the pockets of drivers, otherwise drivers are going to be really unhappy and pass their unhappiness to the customers, which in most taxi services they do anyway, even without taxi top advertising. This problem has to do with the way the owner is running his business and hiring drivers and dispatchers. Most taxi biz owners are completely clueless about how to hire quality people, which is the real reason they don’t have any.

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