Attracting the right drivers for your taxi business: know your numbers

No taxi business owner wants to spend time running around looking for employees, and you are never guaranteed what or who you will get if you don’t have a clear picture of who you want.  Think about it: you want a specific person who possesses all the critical traits to help your taxi business achieve success.

Here are several tips that will help you find great people faster:

Tip 1: Know your numbers. Look at the past as well as what’s been happening with your taxi business.  This will allow you to predict the futur. Here are some numbers for you to think about, to calculate, and to know.

$– How much do you make from each cab driver on average?  Do not look at the average per day because the days are not consistent; weekdays often are slow while the weekends are busy and bring in more money. Take the average of weekdays, the average weekends, and gauge it over a few months.

$–How much are you willing to spend to hire the driver you really want? This is very important because the budget will define where you can advertise and what you can do.  Knowing the exact amount of money per month a driver takes in will help you determine how much you are willing to spend to make the revenue you want.  Part of this depends on your objectives and your goals. Know all your numbers. Count and calculate to truly know what you are doing, what is going on, what the numbers mean.

$–How long does it usually take you to find a taxi cab driver? Start being strategic and plan ahead. For example, you may want to institute a 30-day notification policy.  Let’s say you have a driver resign.  Because of your policy, you can hold him/her for 30 days.  That gives you two weeks to find a qualified driver and get him/her ready to start in two more weeks.  Without this as part of your hiring system, you end up rushing.  When we do things in a rush, they usually don’t work out.

$–What are the salaries in your area? How much you will be paying your taxi drivers, dispatchers, managers, etc. The principle with clients and with employees is the same. With clients we want to give more, and we want to charge more money for services. With your clients, you give the best taxi service and you charge a lot for it. It is the same with employees. You ask a lot, you demand a lot from them, and in turn you pay them more than any other taxi company would pay them. You want to be the best paying employer for the best performing people. Think about it:  the best pay for the best results means happy clients and happy employees.  This will lead to positive news about your taxi business and practices to spread. Your employees will not leave because they will not want to work elsewhere.  You will attract the right employees—those who enjoy making good money for good service. What results is that “word-of-mouth marketing” becomes the main way to advertise (and that doesn’t cost any extra).

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