[BRAND NEW] Your Taxi Business Making Money On Auto-Pilot

As you may remember, about a month ago or so I’ve
asked you to let me know what subjects were of a
particular interest to you and what you’d like me to
cover more in-depth in the future.

I’ve got hundreds of replies and #1 answer was: how
can I have my taxi business run on auto-pilot without
me having to do all the work, put off all the fires
and be there all the time?

It’s no surpise that this was the most popular reply,
because most of other subjects (hiring, marketing,
managing) are already covered in the products
and articles on my website.

In the last few month I’ve been super-busy working
with private clients and working on Taxi Profits Inner Circle
Letter and live webinars.

I have also been preparing a brand new program.
This program is going to be called “Your Taxi
Business On Auto-Pilot System…” and it’s going to
be like nothing you’ve ever seen before from me.

First, I want to do the program via live webinars
and teleseminars, not just send you recordings.
Maybe do a live in-person meeting after we are done,
too. Most likely, somewhere in Florida (New York is
getting cold already, you know. And please, dear upstate New Yorkers
and Canadians, do not laugh at me).

My experience shows that my Taxi Profits Inner Circle members
really enjoy live monthly Inner Circle webinars.
The opportunity to ask questions and get answers
right away as we go is really priceless. That’s what
you’ll have in this program.

Second, there will be homework. We will be covering
a topic and then you’ll be getting assignments. I will
personally be checking all your homework, giving
you feedback and helping with any and all questions
you may have.

Obviously, because of all the reasons above, the enrollment
will be very limited.

Also, as you know, my Taxi Profits Inner Circle
Members come from all over the world.

If you check the Success Stories Page on my website,
you’ll see that in my 7+ years of helping taxi business
owners I’ve been working with people from all over
the US and Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, Asia and
even small exotic countries like Bahrain and St. Lucia
(I gotta tell you, this last one island is REALLY beautiful).

Because of this, timezones and doing this program live
will be somewhat of a challenge… yet I still decided to
do it. We’ll simply need to see who is from where and
decide on the times for our meetings based on how many
people are in what time zone.

Which is why there will be pre-registration and the
opportunity to get in will be only open for a few days.

All this to say, keep an eye on my emails with the next
two weeks or so for more information, bonuses and nuggets
from the new program if the subject of taxi business on auto-pilot
is of interest to you. I will also do a live teleseminar/webinar answering your
questions, so if you have any – start getting them ready.

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