Carnegie Deli debuts $28 ‘Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich’

In my Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter I often
talk about the importance of staying relevant.

Here’s another great example: Carnegie Deli
in New York City debuts $28 ‘Derek Jeter
Triple Club Sandwich.’

Are you thinking: “Well, it has nothing to
do with me because I run a taxi business?”

If you are, read this email to the very end
to find out why it has everything to do
with you.

“It has five ingredients because he won the
World Series five times,” explained Sarri Harper,
the daughter of Carnegie owner Marian Levine.
“And it has two meats because he was number 2.”

But like the game that made Jeter a hero,
an entire team would need nine innings to
finish the job of consuming this Dagwood.

And if you try to eat it with your hands,
you’ll commit more errors than Jeter did
in 2010 — when he made all of six.

The certain Hall of Famer feasted on
Major League pitching for 20 years,
but now Jeter’s competition will come
from Woody Allen. The sandwich named
after the comic, a pile of corned beef and
pastrami, remains the deli’s best seller,
Harper said.

At $28, the Jeter is three bucks more than
the Woody Allen. It’s also $3 more than
the Big Macher Turkey Club, which is
essentially a cheese-free version of the
Jeter, which has the American slices
because, said Harper, “nothing is more
American than baseball.”

Yankee’s fans welcomed the news that their
hero had earned himself a place in the
city’s sandwich Pantheon.

“The heroic proportions are as heroic
as he is,” said Ben Trader, 31, originally
from New Jersey but now living in Dublin.
“Like Jeter, this sandwich asserts itself and
would stand out on any menu.”

Sales of the Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich
were no homerun on Monday, as most of the
tourists eating at Carnegie went for regular
pastrami, corned beef, Reubens and, yes,
the Woody Allen.

Harper said the Jeter would likely be offered
for a limited time only — unless customers
make it their Most Valuable Sandwich.

[The article was taken from NY Daily News]

So, what can you do to celebrate Derek Jeter’s
retirement? Sure, you can’t name a sandwich or
a ride.

However, you could devote Jeter a page or two
in your monthly newsletter, get some memorabilia
with his name and have sweepstakes among your
most loyal customers or even give away tickets to

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