Happy Halloween!

First of all, I want to wish you a happy and fun Halloween! Secondly, I hope you have applied to your taxi business all those things we talked about during the first October Taxi Profits Inner Circle webinar. Take some pictures and send them to me. I’d love to see them and show them to […] Read more »

[Video 1]: 3 Steps To Having Your Taxi Business Make Money On Auto-Pilot

Last week I’ve told you that I’ve decided to create a brand new program. This program is going to be called “Your Taxi Business On Auto-Pilot System…” Read more »

In this month’s Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter

Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter is a 20+ page paper and ink publication that I write personally. It contains practical examples, how-tos, swipes, news and much more. Read more »

[BRAND NEW] Your Taxi Business Making Money On Auto-Pilot

As you may remember, about a month ago or so I’ve asked you to let me know what subjects were of a particular interest to you and what you’d like me to cover more in-depth in the future. Read more »

Managing the zoo for profit

The one thing that has never changed in all my years helping taxi business owners all around the world, has been hearing owners complain about the people who work for them. They complain because their drivers and dispatchers don’t do things the way they would do it themselves. The unfortunate reality is that complaining about […] Read more »

Lyft Drivers Are Burning Their Pink Mustaches (Literally!)

Yesterday during the Taxi Profits Inner Circle Live Webinar I promised my Inner Circle Members a link to a really cool article that I’ve read recently about Lyft. The article has pictures of Lyft drivers having a bonfire party burning pink Lyft mustaches. Here it is, enjoy: Read more »

Planning for the holidays while being in charge (free video)

Yesterday I told you that one of the reasons so many taxi business owners struggle in their businesses is that they do not plan in advance. They know that Halloween is going to be busy, New Years Eve is going to be busy, January is most likely going to be slow, but they don’t do […] Read more »