Dumb luck? Hardly!

Right now in the United States presidential candidates are campaigning in full gear trying to win the nomination in 2016 Presidential Election. Some of them are flat-out losers. Some a great example of how to promote and get free publicity for free. One of the main goals for a lot of candidates at this stage […] Read more »

A Humble $35,000 Thanksgiving dinner

Right before Thanksgiving I found an interesting article on Thrillist.com. I want to share it with you today for one simple reason: there’s a TON of money flowing around. If you are not making as much as you’d like, it’s not because there’s no money out there. It’s because you are not taking the proper […] Read more »

Some fun taxi-related weekend reading for you: UberDuds

Just in case you’ve been really busy this week (which most of my readers are) and didn’t follow the taxi industry news, I want to get you up to speed. Read more »

[Taxi News]: Vancouver cab companies file lawsuit against Uber when Uber isn’t even operating in the city

Taxi companies in Vancouver have filed a lawsuit against rideshare service company Uber Canada and its drivers. The Vancouver Taxi Association alleges that Uber plans to operate illegally in the city, saying the service does not intend to obtain the proper licences from the Passenger Transportation Board or the City of Vancouver. Read more »

Fast food :)

I just wanted to share a cool article and some thoughts with you today. It is about Burger King aquiring Canadian chain Tim Horton’s. What’s really interesting about this article is that Read more »

Midnight Nuts :)

I think I have found a perfect way to spend New Years Eve. While all normal people will be celebrating at home or at a bar or drive a taxi (my personal taxi record happened on NYE: it was an 18 hour shift during which I made $800 into my pocket) I am Read more… Read more »