Look, we weren’t that smart

A friend of mine has recently sent me this. It’s a talk by Manoj Bhargava (creator of 5 Hour Energy drink), in which he explains how he built his business. The talk is really smart, educational and very entertaining. Watch it over the weekend, you won’t regret it! Read more »

Taxi Software Survey Results

A few weeks I’ve conducted a survey about the software my readers are using. Today I want to share its results with you. Just  as  I expected,  there  is  nothing  on the market that users are really  happy  with.  This means that if you decide to choose software from the list below, chances are there […] Read more »

Dumb luck? Hardly!

Right now in the United States presidential candidates are campaigning in full gear trying to win the nomination in 2016 Presidential Election. Some of them are flat-out losers. Some a great example of how to promote and get free publicity for free. One of the main goals for a lot of candidates at this stage […] Read more »

At first I thought this was a joke…

…but then it turned out that it was not. According to an article in Boston Herald, a new ride-hailing company has quietly launched in Boston. Fasten — which began operating last month — works exactly like UberX and Lyft. Using an app, riders request a ride and drivers working their own hours in their own […] Read more »

It is so funny how people react to vital information and principles that could change their business…

Last week I told you about the importance of knowing who your customers are. I also explained how I use this strategy in my business: I can immediately identify who is my prospect and who is not. Read more »

Are you trying to be all things to all people and then are surprised it isn’t working?

Our instincts tell us that we should be doing everything equally well, that we should be serving all the customers we possibly can. That’s what we were taught starting with elementary school. “Get good grades in all the classes. Be equally good at everything.” If you get a few As and a lot of Cs, […] Read more »