Being boring

Yesterday I talked about how most taxi businesses are scared of apps, when apps aren’t the problem at all. The problem is that a typical taxi service has no relationship with its customers and its service sucks. Read more… Read more »

The Cabs Are Not Alright: Omaha and Lincoln, Ne.

I quite often publish posts about how bad taxi companies out there are. I do it for three reasons: 1. As an encouragement. Your competition is really bad and making money in our business is easy for those of you who decide to not be like the competition 2. As an example of what not […] Read more »

Happy Memorial Day & Taxi Service Summer Checklist

First, I want to wish everyone in the United States a Happy Memorial Day Weekend. As you are celebrating today with family and friends at the beach, pool or barbecue, please keep in your thoughts and prayers those who fought and those who continue to fight to keep us safe and free. Second, Memorial Day […] Read more »

Rides On The House

Research shows that for every person willing to talk about something positive, there are three people willing to talk about negative stuff. Here’s an story from my personal experience that I mentioned in my article How To Run A Taxi Service: Prevent Negative Word Of Mouth Marketing: I went to a computer store several days […] Read more »