Hey, how are things supposed to be done around here?

A lot of taxi business owners get no performance from their drivers and dispatchers because there’s no plan in their taxi business. No program. As in “Hey, how are things supposed to be done around here?” If you ever had a job, you’ve asked it when you have first reported to a new job at […] Read more »

Taxi Profits Inner Circle Apology and October Schedule

Hey. First, I want to say sorry to all Taxi Profits Inner Circle Members. I’ve had a glitch with my printshop and the September issue of the Inner Circle Letter has been delayed. Read more »

Carnegie Deli debuts $28 ‘Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich’

In my Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter I often talk about the importance of staying relevant. Here’s another great example: Carnegie Deli in New York City debuts $28 ‘Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich.’ Read more »

Power in numbers: a practical example

Yesterday I told you about a client of mine who surveyed his clients with the following results: My clients go to: work  – 33.7% school – 4% hospital – 10.3% train station 2% kindergarten 4.3% business trips 3.3% hair salons 3.3% stores 10.3% neighboring town 9% parking lot 3.7% to hang out with friends 2.7% […] Read more »

This facebook thing is actually fun!

As you may have noticed, last week I have finally decided to create a facebook page for my business. To be honest with you, at first I was skeptical. My business is doing great without any social media. I have more private clients than I can handle and my Inner Circle is growing steadily every […] Read more »

Next happens nothing and that’s exactly the problem…

Last week we talked about what happens in a typical taxi company when it comes to training new employees. When hired, a driver or dispatcher gets very little instructions. But let’s suppose you did train your drivers. What happens next? Chances are, next happens nothing. Read more »

Supply and demand in the taxi business

When it comes to supply and demand, many taxi business owners seem to be focused on demand. My phone rang. My phone didn’t ring. That’s demand. What they are forgetting is that there is another piece of this equation, the supply.  You can influence demand also by limiting supply or by creating a lot of […] Read more »

They look the same on the surface, but…

When promoting their taxi services, a lot of taxi business owners are stuck with simple, plain, boring discounting. Even with discounting there are many ways to make it stand out. You can see these ways all around you. For example, here’s what Starbucks does to promote their business and bring in new customers at certain […] Read more »