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Taxi Business Profits
5 Brewster Street, #374
Glen Cove, NY 11542
U. S. A.

Fax: 866-667-3830
Phone: 765-382-9474

E-mail: Note that due to Mr. Terrance’s exteremely busy schedule, emails are usually answered within 1 month after they are received. Please do not expect an answer within 5 minutes after you send an email.

Please also note that while we are interested in partnerships and joint ventures, we DO NOT WORK FOR FREE. Please do not contact us with an idea that “will make Mr. Terrance rich tomorrow if he sells it to all the taxi drivers in the world” because “then we’ll be very generous with the affiliate percentage”. First, I am doing very well financially already. In big part thanks to what you’ve read above: I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE. Money first, work second. Not the other way around.