Deal of the century: $40 book for just $13k

If you’ve been following the news, you know that last week Hillary Clinton has sent her book, Hard Choices (retails on Amazon in hardcover for around $40), to all her Republican rivals.

Here’s a response from Ben Carson:

The response from Rand Paul was even better. He signed Hillary’s book, added his book to it and put up 2 books as a bundle for an auction on eBay. As I’m writing this, the current price for 2 books is exactly $13k. The auction ends in 2 hours. Here’s a direct link for you to see how it ends:

To someone clueless about business $13k for $40 book may seem like stupidity and/or magic. Can you identify the elements that led to such a high price? Share in the comments!

I’ll share my version on Monday.

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