Drivers wanted. Call this number. Blah-blah-blah.

Probably the most common problem for owners of a taxi business is to find good, quality employees.  Try this: go to the newspaper or website you post your ad on and find your ad.  Most likely it will be harder than you think.  Why?  Because they all look the same:  “Drivers wanted.  Call this number.”

Not so long ago I had a client who started complaining to me that his ad was not bringing in any potential drivers. I asked him to show me his ad. It took him 10 minutes to find it on the page – it was absolutely the same as all other ads. I told my client: “Do you see the problem? You can’t find your ad yourself! How can you expect someone else to find it? Not to mention, you probably want that someone not to just find your ad, but then respond to it and be a great driver, too.”

One way to attract employees that will set themselves apart is to begin by doing that with your ad. Those businesses that use the same catch phrases in their ads and never vary or look different from anyone else’s will attract those types of drivers, dispatchers, and office managers.  That isn’t what you want, so don’t advertise for that.  Think of your ad as your first impression on your employee.  You want to show your potential cab drivers that you exceed expectations and will expect the same from them.

If you know what kind of person you want to hire, then the most logical place to advertise would be where those people are more likely to hang out or frequently congregate.  Talk to some of your best drivers and see where people like him/her can be found, what magazines or blogs they follow. Ask them what types of books they read and what other hobbies they have.  Ask those top employees how they found you and why they chose to apply with you other than some other taxi business.

In the process, identify commonalities of your best drivers.  Perhaps they are retirees (like former police officers, engineers, etc.) who know the area well and have great driving records.  They may make good cab drivers. Often, single moms are great dispatchers.  They are responsible since they already have a child; they need the money because of being the only parent, and they can work with a variety of moods and personality types.  Look even at if your best drivers are a certain age group and find out the top places those ages hang out. Your best drivers will provide guidance in helping you decide the types of people you want to continue to hire.  Ask them as much information as possible, and then act upon that information.

It isn’t productive for you to run around and place ads anywhere and everywhere. Figure out who you are looking for exactly, then go to the places you know you will find those types of people.  It’s a logical strategy, but many taxi business owners don’t think to do that.  They simply go with the usual ad they’ve always used, and it’s boring and easily overlooked.  Don’t be that guy.

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