dumb, Dumb, DUMB

We will match all Prices Guaranteed!

That’s the first thing I saw on this website. It was right on top, right after the company name.

I have to say, I see a lot of really bad taxi websites all the time. This website surpassed them all. The second line?

We offer Many Discounts & have Competitive Prices!

As least most taxi companies have some version of “safe and reliable” before they start talking about how they deliver nothing of value to the customer, which is the same as being the cheapest.

However, this guy has definitely taken this to the next level. There’s even a section in the menu called “service prices”. It has a subsection called “Special discounts”. Here’s what you’ll see when you visit this page:


And right below it: Group Discounts! Family Discounts! Company Discounts! Military Discounts! Referral Discounts! Repeat Discounts! Duvallian Discounts! Event Discounts! Customized Discounts! No Excuses! Call to Schedule!

I’m sure, the owner of the website is surprised that every customer of his is a cheapskate. He’ll groan and moan and complain that people are beating him on price all the time. Yet… whose fault is it, really? Who put all discounts and cheapest priced on the website? What else is he offering.

Here, go see for yourself. Get a feel. Wouldn’t you do your absolute best to get the cheapest price out of this guy? Right after this, go to your own website. Make sure your website doesn’t look like this.


And the discounts page: http://www.chainbreakchad.com/special-discounts.html

PS To learn about how a taxi website should look to attract a lot of quality customers, go watch this free video

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  1. Pruthviraj Phadtare says:

    Sir its very good article because its very small thing but its make Hugh problem…I really like u r marketing policy

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