Dumb luck? Hardly!

Right now in the United States presidential candidates are campaigning in full gear trying to win the nomination in 2016 Presidential Election.

Some of them are flat-out losers. Some a great example of how to promote and get free publicity for free.

One of the main goals for a lot of candidates at this stage is raising money. Because of this, they aren’t really that far from where you are. You run a taxi business in order to turn a profit. They run political campaigns in order to get donations.

A few days ago I told you about how Hillary Clinton sent her book to all of her Republican rivals.

Rand Paul turned $40 Hillary Clinton’s book into a $13,000 donation for his presidential campaign.

Ben Carson has also capitalized on Hillary sending him her book by shooting a themed commercial . I’m sure some people have donated him money after seeing that commercial. You can see Carson’s commercial and a description of what Paul did here: Deal of the century: $40 book for just $13k

When just looking at the surface, it may seem like magic. Things happen. Politicians get free publicity. Then, donations flow. However, in reality there’s no magic in what happened whatsoever.

Let’s take Paul and see what needed to happen for him to turn that $40 into $13,000.

Most likely, it was one of his fans that got the book. In order for a fan to be able to get the book, fans needed to be aware of what was going on. So, key #1 to success here is that Paul had a list of supporters. He also had ways to communicate with that list.

This is why you need to have your own print newsletter, facebook page, twitter, facebook and a list of customer emails. To be able to communicate with them, build a relationship, and sell them your services.

Second, someone needed to put the book up on eBay. Someone on his team did the work. They were not just discussing ideas, they’ve made a decision and did the work.

Third, they’ve written and sent out press releases. Again, someone did the work. This is something that I cover in my new training called “How To Get Tens of Thousands of Dollars of “Advertising” Free Of Charge By Making Your Taxi Service Famous Both Online and Offline.”

Fourth, everything has been done quickly.

If you want to make money in your taxi business, you need SPEED, too. I often have clients who take a month to fill out a 4 page questionnaire. Then they are surprised that they aren’t making money. MONEY LOVES SPEED.

Now, does it all still seem like magic to you?

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