Finally, someone is getting it half-right

In my Taxi Business Monthly Transformation Program I talk a lot about becoming successful in our industry. A lot of it has to do with doing what no one else is doing. Think about this way: if you do what everybody else is doing, you’ll get the results everybody else is getting. These results will be average by definition. If you want to get extraordinary results, you need to be doing extraordinary things – things that no one else is doing.

When it comes to fighting Uber, Sidecar and Left the ordinary thing to do is protest. Obviously, this has never brought anyone any results. A smarter thing is to look what states and countries did to drive Uber away. There even was an article with examples on this subject in my Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter a month or so ago.

Now, there’s an even better thing that can be done and that’s exactly what has been done in Long Beach, CA. Instead of trying to have Uber play by taxi rules, the city now lets taxis play by Uber rules. Long Beach let it’s biggest taxi company increase the number of taxis and change pricing.

Why am I saying that they are getting in half-right? It looks from the information I was able to find that the taxi company is looking to lower prices. The smart way to go is, again, do the opposite – raise the prices. Stay in the taxi business, do not try to get into the $2 bus/public transportation business.

You can read the entire article about Long Beach taxi changes here:
Long Beach loosens regulations so taxis can compete with Uber

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  1. Derrick says:

    I’m new to this business. I like the fact that you don’t sugarcoat this industry. I was told many hours will be required. I’m just exicted about starting something for myself. Hope to afford your book here in a couple weeks.

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