A promotion called “first in line”

Here is an idea for a premium luxury option, called “first in line.”

“First in line” means that if a client is waiting at a pickup location and there is a line of other people also waiting, that client can buy an option where they go to the front of the line (“first in line”) for a certain amount of money–maybe $10, maybe $20.

Nothing changes if there is no line, but what we are saying is that you will be first in line when there is a line.  When a car becomes available, we will send it to you first.  For some people, this option is very, very attractive.

You can even do a monthly membership program.  Here’s how it would work: you charge your clients a fee on the first day of every month. They become a member of the program. From now on they don’t call a regular phone number, the number that you advertise. You have a special phone number for them to call, a number that automatically makes them “first in line.”

Here’s a question you may have: what happens if you get a line full of people who paid to be “first in line?”

The answer is simple: it means that your prices are too low.  Raise your prices!

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