Getting customers when your taxi business is on a tight budget. Part 2.

As the results of my survey indicate (if you haven’t yet taken the survey, you can do so by CLICKING HERE), one of the most appealing subjects to the visitors of this website is getting customers for a taxi business while being on a tight budget.

Yesterday I talked about one of the most effective strategies to do so, which is referrals. You can read more about it here Getting customers when your taxi business is on a tight budget and here How to get customers for taxi service: Referral Program.

Today I want to talk another strategy, which is barter. How can barter help you get more customers? Very simple.

What you need to understand is that being a taxi business owner you own an ultimate currency. EVERYBODY needs rides. Rich, poor, businesses, consumers, – everybody needs to be getting places. True, in the current economy a lot of people and businesses are looking to save money (heck, that’s why you are probably reading this article). However, the fact that a business will not spend money on taxis doesn’t mean they want to use public transportation. They’d like to use taxis, but they think they can’t afford it. Here’s how you can help:

1. Figure out who your ideal customer is. Are you in affluent suburbia and your customers mostly travel to airports? Are you in a city? Do you mostly do rides to/from a train station? To learn more about the importance of knowing your ideal customer, read these articles: How To Make A Taxi Business Profitable and Taxi Business Tips: Know Who Your Customers Are

2. After you figure out who your ideal customer is, answer the following question: what is the absolute best way to get to them? Is it TV ads? Radio Ads? Direct Mail? Some other printed advertising? Val-pak? A website?

3. Let’s suppose you’ve realized that the best way to get to your customers is direct mail. Here’s what you do next: go to the owner of a local print shop and offer to barter printing for taxi services. Offer them the following: they print the stuff you need in exchange for opening an account and getting credit on the account with your taxi service.

As I said before, everybody needs rides. The fact that they aren’t willing to pay for the rides doesn’t mean they don’t want them or don’t need them. Find a way to make a win-win deal, when your suppliers and vendors get what they want and you get what you want.

Following this strategy one of my Inner Circle Members has made a deal with his local TV station. He gives them credit with his car service, they run his ads for credit. TV and radio stations usually love these kinds of barter deals. They often have guests of their shows and partners who travel to them. They do need taxis all the time. In exchange they’ll gladly offer you an ad spot.

All you have to do is go and talk to them!

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