Hey, how are things supposed to be done around here?

A lot of taxi business owners get no performance from their drivers and dispatchers because there’s no plan in their taxi business. No program. As in “Hey, how are things supposed to be done around here?” If you ever had a job, you’ve asked it when you have first reported to a new job at a new place. So does everybody else.

The Plan is the way things are supposed to be done. If you don’t have a plan, you can’t very well expect anybody to follow it, can you?

A lot of taxi business owners come to me claiming that they want “better” drivers.

In return, I ask: Who is a better driver for you? See, if you have a guy who is an hour late for work 30 days out of 30, the guy who is late 29 times out of 30 is a better driver, isn’t he? If you have a dispatcher stoned at work for 10 hours out of his 12 hour shift (I’ve seen this happen on more than one occasion), a dispatcher who is stoned 9 hours out of 12 is a better dispatcher.

Better is a comparative word. It doesn’t mean anything by itself. What you need is The Plan. Your plan.

I’m not talking about the deadly dull employee manual. I’m talking about clearly stated, illustrated, and taught expectations for how Bill and Betty are supposed to talk, walk, act, do, drive.

If you don’t have a Plan, your employees make up their own. They tell the new guy what their Program is. If you leave people to their own devices, you leave your outcomes to chance and the chance is not in your favor.

Want some more straight talk about managing your taxi business?

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