How badly do you want this?

Over my years helping taxi business owners from all over the world, I’ve had hundreds of people, who come to me asking for help and then disappear when I ask them to do something, anything, any tiny little thing, be it reading an article or filling out a questionnaire about their business.

The difference between earning a small income  vs. really successful taxi business owners is not really about opportunity, skill or resource limitations so much as it is our own resistance to change.  Almost everything that limits personal income is manufactured internally, not by external circumstances; in fact, the external circumstances we encounter tend to be fulfillment of the requests we make of the marketplace, of the people around us, and of ourselves.

Many authors and teachers have approached this same point from different directions; some about internal governance, like Dr. Maltz with self-image psychology; some about selling, like Florence Henderson’s husband Dr. John Kappas, the author of ‘Success Is Not An Accident‘; some through confrontation, like Werner Erhard; some through creativity.  So it is probably not a new concept to you.

But the trick is not just in understanding our personal, internal Resistance, but in being able to do something about it and capitalize on ALL WORTHY real estate projects.  I have an “exercise” that I’ve done with myself for many years, and occasionally with private clients, that I have never put forward in print, recordings, other resources or taught in a seminar setting before.

I’m pretty confident you’ll agree that going through this “exercise” as a part of my new Done-With-You Coaching Program will be an incredible experience…but that owning it for on-going use as a  business leader and entrepreneur will be worth millions of dollars made and years of time saved.

The opportunity to grab one of only 20 14 9 spots available in our NEW Done-With-You program that will help you shortcut trial and error and allow you to work directly with me and my team will expire tomorrow.


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