How I went to Philly…

A very good friend of mine got herself into Peace Corps and today departed for Mozambique for two years.

We meet every few months and knowing that she’d be gone for two years I definitely wanted to see her before she leaves. The Peace Corps orientation was in Philadelphia, and so I went to Philly for a night.

Roundtrip from New York to Philadelphia on Megabus was $20.50. The bus arrived at Philadelphia 30th Street Station. To get to my friend’s hotel I took a bus. It was $2 and the service was literally 1 stop, door-to-door: there was a bus stop in front of the bus station and there was a bus stop in front of the hotel.

There’s a big lesson for you in this. A lot of guys in the taxi business put no thought into what other options their customers have. They would send a taxi to sit in front of a place that has a bus stop right next to it and then wonder why they get no business. This is really dumb. What should you do? Go and provide service in areas that have no or limited other options. This way you virtually guarantee yourself business.

I needed to get to a bus station from the hotel around 1am. There was no buses at this time, so I hailed a taxi. A cab pulls over, I open the door and ask: “Hi, I am not from here. Do you take cards?”

The driver’s response was: “Yeah, I can tell you are not from here. Taxi drivers really don’t like taking credit cards.”

Guess what? I don’t care! I care about MY convenience, not the driver’s. It’s his job to provide service to me and make sure that I like the service. It is not my job to care about what he likes and what he doesn’t like.

What happened next? The driver turned some kind of TV/music in the front and got on the phone. Not in English.

At the same time there was a really nice “Passenger’s bill of rights in the taxi.” The only problem is that this bill of rights is a total BS.

What can you do to make sure situations like this don’t happen in your taxi service? The answer is simple. I go in detail talking about it in my Brand New 2013 Taxi Business Profits System:
1. You need to pro-actively survey your customers.
2. You need to have metrics that measure driver performance.
3. You need to police and enforce their performance.

Want to know how to do it? The answer is in my Brand New 2013 Taxi Business Profits System.

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