How to Create a Hiring System For Your Taxi Business

Problems will arise and continue to arise if you have no system for hiring new drivers and dispatchers. If you have no consistent way to approach the task, you will never know which piece is effective.  The hiring process itself greatly benefits from having a system in place.

The typical hiring process for a typical taxi company works like this:  you realize that you need to find somebody, and so you start looking for them.

There is a lot of work that goes into hiring people.  You have to talk to them, interview them, to decide if they are going to be a good employee simply based on that conversation within that limited time.

Then, deciding on whom you hire is even harder, and then even after you are finished hiring, you can still have many problems.  What if you happened to hire the wrong person, and now he aggravates the clients by not knowing the area, getting lost, getting into accidents, etc.  Perhaps he’s even stealing money from the company.  On and on these problems can go.

So, how should it be? In simple terms, it should be the other way around. Instead of the process getting harder and harder, it should start out hard and then get easier.

Then, before you know it, your taxi business is running on auto-pilot.  When you know you are ready to hire someone, you simply turn on the system, and it works for you. That is the beauty of the system:  you do the work once, and then it works over and over and over again.

The solution to all of this comes from Earl Nightingale, one of the very first motivational speakers in the U.S. Around 1970, he had a session called “Lead the Field”, and he said something like this:  If you want to get somewhere in life or in business or in anything, but you have no role model, no example, and no clue how to get somewhere, you just look around.  See what everybody else is doing?  Do the opposite!

That is the key to success!  Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.  I don’t think I have to convince you that everyone is doing it wrong, especially in our business.  Just look around.  See what is going on.  Who are driving the cars?  What kinds of cars are there on the road?

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