How to Run a Taxi Business: Why You Need A Complaints Management System


Complaints management system is a system that informs clients of your taxi business that such a system, a system for complaints management, exists and instructs your clients on how to use it.

It also lets your customers share with you their thoughts and ideas and experience about using your company. Next, the system delivers the complaints to you. The final step should consist of you taking action after hearing the complaints and fixing whatever your customers were not happy about.

Why do you need a complaints system? Several big reasons: number one is that most of the businesses around us are really based on "what we cannot do for you" basis. "No, we don't accept personal checks", "No, we do not ship to Canada", "no, we are booked", "no, there are no returns", etc. Listening to your customers immediately let's you stand out and attracts attention.

Second reason is that a system for management complaints will build a better, stable, long lasting relationship with your clients.

Third reason is that such a system lets you be in control, because not only will you know what your customers think and feel, but you'll also know when your drivers and dispatchers screw up, how often they screw up and what exactly is happening in your taxi company.

Notice that I didn't say if your drivers and dispatchers screw up, I said when they screw up. This is very important to understand: we all screw up, we all make mistakes. The question is not whether we make mistakes or not, the question is how often we make them, what we in order to not repeat them in the future, and what we do to correct the screw-up.

Another thing that you've got to understand about complaints and unhappy customers is that it's great news when somebody complains.

Think about it this way: if someone is not satisfied with the way they've been treated by a business, why wouldn't they complain? If somebody is unhappy, but stays quiet, it happens for one of the following reasons:

– they do not believe it's worth their time
– they do not know how and where to complain
– they think it's useless and that business owner not going to do anything about it.

When somebody has a problem and they do not complain, it means that they do not believe you. They think you don't care about them as clients of your taxi business, and they don't believe you're going to do something about their problem. You need to fix this. Click here to get a copy of 17 Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business book and 3 best issues of Cab Millionaire Club Letter and learn how to do so.

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