How to Run a Taxi Business: Why You Need to Have an Application for Potential Employees

What do you do when somebody shows up at your taxi office and asks if you are hiring? You do not want them to fill an application on the spot, because you do not want them to be in a hurry. You want them to answer all the questions on the application thoroughly and carefully. Also, a potential employee may simply not have with them all the information that you want on the application.

Therefore, if somebody stops by your taxi company office and asks if you're hiring, give them an application to fill out later. One of the benefits of this approach is that a lot of these people you will never see again. And that's great news, because they are not the people that you want to see.

Here's an example of why giving out an application works really well. Suppose it's Friday afternoon. It's really busy, phones are ringing and a person comes into the office and asks a dispatcher or a reservationist if you're hiring.

It's one thing when your reservationist needs to look for a manager or needs to call you to ask if you are hiring or tries to interview the person on the spot or, even worse, starts explaining what the person needs in order to work for you as if they were already hired. That potential employee is most probably looking at what's going on and thinking: "This place is a mess! I am not sure I want to work here!"

It's a totally different story when somebody comes to the office and asks if you're hiring and the person that's in the office gives him out an application and says "Go home and read it. There's some information about us in it. It also tells you what we want from you. If you are interested, fill it out, bring it back and then we'll set an interview with the boss".

It creates a totally different impression and the per-son that's been given an application looks at it and thinks: "Wow, these guys are different. There's some order in this company," – and that's the kind of person you'd want to have working for you. Somebody who likes a company with order in it. I've met drivers that would come into a taxi office, look at what's going on there and think: "I'm not going to work there, because in this company they'll want too much from me. They probably have rules and I do not want to comply with any rules. I want a place that's a mess where I can do what I want."

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