I love our industry: TLPA and “the bad guys”

Today is the time for yet another segment of my favorite category: “I love our industry.”

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Anyways, today I have another nugget for ya. It is about how TLPA (Taxi, Limousine and Paratransit Association, the largest association of taxi services in North America) is fighting “the bad guys”: Lyft, Uber, Sidecar and others.

Go and take a look and then come back here. Here’s a link for you to study: Official TLPA Facebook Page

Did you notice anything? Every single post there is a link to something negative.

Here’s what is going on: we have an industry. The industry is broken. Overall, service is non-existent. Drivers have no idea where they are going, cars don’t show up, dispatchers are rude on the phone to the customers, the list goes on and on.

Apps come in. What do they bring? Every Uber car shows up! There isn’t much else, honesty, but even this is huge.

Instead of focusing on its own flaws, instead of realizing that the only reason all those app companies exist is huge problems in our industry, all the Association is doing is point to the flaws of others.

Are app competitors a problem for you? If they are, blaming them won’t help. Understand that the reason why they are where they are is because there was a gap in the marketplace. There was something customers weren’t getting that they are now getting.

Want to beat Uber or any other competitor of yours, for that matter?

Ask yourself: what can you give to the customer that you competitors aren’t/won’t/aren’t willing to?

That’s the path to being successful in business. Being smart and doing the work, not simply pointing fingers at others.

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  1. rob says:

    Gotta say it- You know your stuff. I was in the game years ago in NY. I’m getting back into it again, in PA. 9/11 got me to rethink living in NY and I moved to poconos. I think I’m going to do something crazy. Just run (2) cars, With 4 of the best drivers. With Uber out there, AND bad operators, I think it makes more financial sense to capture the market that needs the best service and is willing to pay for it. I was going to be independent, but I realize that I will need a second car, and I know a few great drivers. If business blossoms, I will reluctantly add cars and train dispatchers and drivers. Bad drivers and dishonest dispatchers (by far the worst is theft through ineptitude) create phantom profits from a larger fleet.

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