I told you so…

In my free article How To Make A Taxi Business Profitable I wrote:

Most taxi companies provide “one size fits all” service to all of its customers. The owner of the taxi business fails to see and understand that he has several different groups of customers and that different customers have different needs.

That’s exactly what is happening with all the taxi hailing apps. They are not about the customer. They are about the app. The problem with it: it’s quite easy to build an app. Let’s take Toronto, Canada, as an example. Uber has launched there not so long ago.

IPhoneInCanada reports that on September 26 another app company, Hailo, started operating in Toronto.

Also, Hailo has obtained a business license and is now doing its best to drive Uber out of business by pointing out that Uber is not licensed.

Bruce Robertson, Toronto’s director of licensing services, says: “Uber does not have a business licence and has not applied for a business licence in Toronto. We are proceeding with enforcement action against the company.”

Uber, however, contends that it is a technology company, and said that the drivers using the Uber app are fully licensed and insured.

Where it is going to lead: tens of apps, drivers who have all of them on their mobile phones, terrible service. What can you do about it? Find your niche. Provide quality service. Have happy customers and apps won’t be a problem for you at all!

Last few months I’ve been working on developing a brand new app- and competition-proof system based on five years of my experience that’s designed to get more high-quality customers use your taxi service, get them come back more often and get them to spend more money with you. Next week I will start offering a limited number of FREE one-on-one phone or skype strategy sessions with me where I will lay out all the details of the system, show you how it works, answer all your questions and see if it’s a good fit for your taxi service.

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