In the August – beginning of September issue of Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter

Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter is a monthly newsletter that is being sent to it’s subscribers via snail mail. Just like my “17 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business” book it’s a real, paper and ink newsletter, not some downloadable file.

This is August/Early September issue because I couldn’t finish it in August. I love living in New York City, but together with its pros living in such a huge city has its cons. One of the cons is 48 million tourists that visit NYC each year, bringing all kinds of viruses with them. So in the last two weeks of August I had a flu and was sick as a dog, so now I am playing catch up.

That being said, August/September issue is done, printed and on the way. Taxi Profits Inner Circle Members will also get a full brand new September issue at the end of the month.

In the August/September Issue you will find:
– What an election campaign in Norway has to do with taxi business – page 1
– Misc. news with creative ideas for taxi business in them – page 2
– Answering your questions: what do I do with drivers who steal – page 6
– An actual example to use to have your clients talk about you and pay attention to you – page 8
– An actual example to use of how you can have literally everyone in your town advertise you for pennies – page 11
– A sample sequence of letters that shows you how to bring back lost clients/what to do with clients that left you because of screw ups – page 12

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