In the Late October issue of Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter

To answer many questions as to what I’ve been up to lately: work, work, work. Working with private clients, creating new products, working on the Inner Circle Letter.

And – of course – enjoying the fall in New York City. This part of the year is truly beautiful in New York.

Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter is a monthly newsletter that is being sent to it’s subscribers via snail mail. Just like my “17 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business” book it’s a real, paper and ink newsletter, not some downloadable file.

As my Inner Circle Members know, I got sick in August, which pushed the September Issue of the Inner Circle Letter into late September – early October. To catch up, I’ve just finished the late October Issue of the Letter and starting from November we are back on a regular schedule.

(For those who are not Taxi Profits Inner Circle Members this means that if you become a member right now, you’ll get 2 issues of the Newsletter and 2 CDs instead of one for October. You can do so Here.)

For those who are Inner Circle Members, this means that the second October Issue is on the way to you.

As my Inner Circle continues to grow, I am proud to say that around 80% of the content of the Letter is now Member Question driven. If you are an Inner Circle Member and have any questions – make sure to send them to me.

In this issue you will find:
– How having money doesn’t solve problems and why you shouldn’t be looking to do business with super-rich
– Misc. news with creative ideas for taxi business in them (this time also on what Uber does right. yes, I know. In the last issue I’ve criticized them left and right. However, this tells you that I don’t have a hidden agenda. Your success is my agenda. I see something stupid – I’ll point it out and explain why. I see something brilliant – I’ll do the same thing, point it out and explain why. I don’t really care that it’s the same guys whom I criticized last time. You do know that it’s possible to be wrong yesterday and right today, don’t you?)
– Answering your questions (and a lot of them):
Direct mail: post cards vs envelopes
Motivation system for drivers
Zones vs meters
Getting money to grow your business
Dispatching drivers
– Final thoughts this month

ps there will also be two video DVDs this month. In the first one I will talk about motivation of a taxi business owner, in the second one – how to have your drivers and dispatchers do what you tell them to do.

pps If for some reason you aren’t yet a member of my Taxi Profits Inner Circle, you can become one by subscribing here: Taxi Profits Inner Circle

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