In the November issue of Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter

To answer many questions as to what I’ve been up to lately: work, work, work. Working with private clients, creating new products, working on the Inner Circle Letter. This month there have been two full issues of Letter, to catch up for previous months when I was late because of being sick.

And – of course – enjoying the fall in New York City. This part of the year is truly beautiful in New York.

Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter is a monthly newsletter that is being sent to it’s subscribers via snail mail. Just like my “17 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business” book it’s a real, paper and ink newsletter, not some downloadable file.

(For those who are not Taxi Profits Inner Circle Members this means that if you become a member right now, you’ll get 2 issues of the Newsletter and 2 CDs instead of one for October. You can do so Here.)

For those who are Inner Circle Members, this means that the second November Issue is on the way to you.

As my Inner Circle continues to grow, I am proud to say that around 80% of the content of the Letter is now Member Question driven. If you are an Inner Circle Member and have any questions – make sure to send them to me.

In this issue you will find:
– Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Day, St. Valentines Day And So On! Why is Tom sending me wishes for all these holidays now? – page 1
Misc. news – page 2
Marketing 101: Getting Past The Gatekeeper – page 7
I getz mail (on selling the business and being open during holidays)– page 9
The Call To Action – page 11
Stop Sending Christmas Cards – Page 13

ps there will also be three video DVDs this month.

pps If for some reason you aren’t yet a member of my Taxi Profits Inner Circle, you can become one by subscribing here: Taxi Profits Inner Circle

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