In this month’s Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter

Taxi Profits Inner Circle Letter is a 20+ page paper and ink
publication that I write personally. It contains practical examples,
how-tos, swipes, news and much more.

The Letter is being sent to Taxi Profits Inner Circle Members by
first class mail every month.

This month in the Letter:
– On 2 different ways of running a taxi business and why taxi
ridership in San Francisco is down 65% in 15 months
– Taxi Industry News
– How to engage your customers – a swipe it and use it example
– Marketing 101: How a Jaw On The Floor Package can help
boost your profits and an example from one of the Inner
Circle Members from… Russia, no less!
– Why you can’t ignore packaging + examples
– 35 Questions to ask yourself about your business

At the first Inner Circle Webinar we discussed capitalizing on
the coming Holiday Season and creating a marketing calendar.

If you are a Taxi Profits Inner Circle Member, you should have
received a downloadable link to the webinar. Reply to this
email address if you haven’t received the links and we’ll send
them to you again.

The second monthly Inner Circle Webinar is next week. As
always, it will be devoted to Q&A.

P.S. Going through my records and a long list of Inner Circle
Members, I noticed a few Members and readers who are quite
active in reading and watching everything I send, yet  are
very quiet.

If you are one of them… expect a call from me personally in
the near future! I’d really like to know what you think, how
your business is doing and how I can make the stuff you are
getting even better!

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