It is so funny how people react to vital information and principles that could change their business…

Last week I told you about the importance of
knowing who your customers are. I also explained
how I use this strategy in my business: I can immediately
identify who is my prospect and who is not.

Then I simply get rid of those who are simply wasting my
time and spend all my time and resources with those
who are serious about getting their business to
the next level.

On the one hand, it may seem harsh. Some people
would say, “you need to be nice.” What’s important to
remember is that we do not get paid in our business
for being nice to everybody. We get paid for providing
service to our customers. You can be nice all you want
to all the price-shoppers calling your taxi service and
asking about how much you charge, but if all you are
doing is talk on the phone with people who aren’t
going to give you any money, you’ll be broke.

So, get rid of those who are not going to use your service
and focus on customers who can and will appreciate what
you do for them. Once you do, magical things will start to happen.
You’ll be attracting new customers magnetically.

Want an example? Here’s one of the emails I received last

Dear Tom,

It so funny how people react to vital information and principles
that could change the face of their business.I have been receiving
several mails from you for over six months but today i took
the whole day and i mean the ENTIRE DAY to read over a 120 mails
that i have received over time and i am now ready to subscribe to
the INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP for a year.I just started a taxi company
and i need your support to assist build the business with all the necessary
materials that i need both the ones i have to pay for and the ones that are free.

I found out the link i have is for monthly subscription.I want to subscribed for the whole year.

Aluko Temitope

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