Managing the zoo for profit

The one thing that has never changed in all my years helping taxi business owners all around the world, has been hearing owners complain about the people who work for them. They complain because their drivers and dispatchers don’t do things the way they would do it themselves. The unfortunate reality is that complaining about your employees does absolutely nothing to fix the problem.

In fact, I’m convinced that the entire population is divided into basically two groups. Group #1 is what I call the “5 Percenters.” This is the 5% of the work force that contains entrepreneurs and business owners.

Group #2 is the “95 Percenters,” meaning that 95% of all people fall into this group. These are the employees who report to the 5 Percenters. Here’s a very radical idea for you. We need the 95 Percenters as much as we need the 5 Percenters because without them, nothing would ever get done.

Think about it! Without the 95 Percenters, who would make and serve our coffee at the coffee shop every morning who would make sure our customers, clients, or patients are taken care of more importantly, who would make sure we achieve our goals?

Want some more straight talk about managing your taxi business?

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