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I’ve got another question about apps yesterday, even though there are plenty of articles about them on this website.

Truth is, apps do not change the fundamentals of our business. They are just another way for a customer to get there need fulfilled, which is in this case booking a taxi.

Why are most taxi services scared of Uber, TaxiMagic and others? It has nothing to do with apps themselves. It has to do with
1. customers
2. providing quality service

As I explain in my video HOW TO MAKE THE PHONE RING IN YOUR TAXI COMPANY, most of the taxi services have 2-3-4 ways of attracting new customers. Usually it’s newspaper ads, valpack, yellow pages and maybe a website. That’s it. Uber does twitter. Facebook. It utilizes PR. It has free parties and promotions. No wonder it becomes a problem for “conventional” taxi companies. It doesn’t have to be, though. It doesn’t do anything you can’t do.

Next. What happens after you get a customer? Do you keep in touch with them? What do you do to build a relationship with them? The answer in most cases in the same: nothing happens and nothing gets done.

These are the real reasons why app companies are a problem. They don’t have to be, however.

Want to know what to do about it?

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