Next happens nothing and that’s exactly the problem…

Last week we talked about what happens in a typical taxi company when it comes to training new employees. When hired, a driver or dispatcher gets very little instructions.

But let’s suppose you did train your drivers. What happens next? Chances are, next happens nothing.

If someone is doing a great job, you don’t see them, don’t notice them, don’t praise them, don’t reward them in any way, shape or form.

When was last time you told one of your drivers that they were doing a great job and you appreciated it?

However, if they screw up, most likely they see you in person very quickly and hear a whole bunch of not-so-pleasant stuff.

Now put yourself in their shoes. Imagine the following: you do your best to do a great job. When you succeed, nothing happens. Yet when you screw up, you immediately get punished. A million dollar question: how motivated would you be to be doing your job well in this scenario?

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