No Taxis On Saturday: Okeanos

Today is a Saturday, so I’ve decided to drift away from answering your taxi questions or telling you the latest taxi news.

Don’t worry, I’ll get back to all of that on Monday.

One of my favourite museum in New York, where I live, is American Museum of Natural History. One of AMNH programs that I visit on a regular basis is SciCafe. On the first Wednesday of every month, this popular after-hours series brings together inquisitive minds for an informal evening of cocktails and conversation about cutting-edge science topics with experts from the field.

Last month’s presenter in SciCafe was National Geographic explorer Tierney Thys. She mostly talked about how science and art can be used to promote the ocean conservation movement. One of Tierney’s efforts in this movement is participation in “Okeanos.”

Okeanos is a multidisciplinary portrait of the ocean as body, resource, metaphor, and force. It is a performance to inspire and educate audiences about the ocean and connect them to ocean conservation.

Okeanos features the distinctive artistic and technical components that Capacitor has become known for – inventive and articulated dance vocabulary, contemporary circus, abstract structures that mirror nature, poetic integration of audio/video multimedia, sculptural costumes, scientifically supported content, and conservation partnerships.

Here’s Okeanos highlight video. I was completely blown away when I first saw it:

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