On New Ideas To Make Your Taxi Cab Business Profitable

New ideas are a big problem for taxi business owners. In most cases, things are done because a taxi business owner hears about someone else in the taxi industry doing something he is not doing. And when that’s the only reason for action, it’s truly pitiful. There are several proven ways to get new ideas that will work for your business.

Talk to your customers. Learn the value of frequently surveying them. Find out and monitor what they think about your cars, drivers, dispatchers, service in general. In there anything else you could do for them? If you learn to do it correctly, you customers will become a never ending stream of new ideas for you.

Your counterparts. One of the quickest research tasks you could do is go to the library and ask for Yellow Pages directories from major metropolitan areas in the country. Look through all the advertising and offers in the transportation section. You’ll definitely find something nobody in your area is doing. Call this business and discuss your experience with them. Maybe even go for a visit.

Your competitors. Do you check on them? Do you track what they are doing, how many cars and drivers they have, what marketing ideas they try? What accounts do they have in the area? What can you offer to your customers that your competitors don’t offer? How can you be different? How can you be better?

“Steal” ideas that already work in other businesses. As far as I know, drive-thru window has its origins in the banking industry. It is hard to believe that after what the drive-thru did to the fast-food restaurants, isn’t it? Just about every great idea comes from something already in use. For a taxi business, there are plenty of ideas to try. Frequent client discounts, prepaid plans, joint ventures with local businesses, etc., etc., etc.

In my other articles I talk a lot about direct marketing. Its major principle, if you can’t measure the amount of business you get from some from of advertising – don’t do it, should be applied to virtually every other possible aspect of your taxi business, including new ideas. How much does it cost to implement a new idea? Do you need any new equipment? How long will it take to see the results? Learn to be patient. Test and measure the results.

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  1. Arvind says:

    am arvind from India, currently studying masters in business administration, i already own a transport company wit 15 hmv n lmv vehicles, now am planning to start up a taxi business wit 5 cars, Der r many number of taxi providers in the city but i don consider them as my competitors, wat i really wanna know is i ve seen many unique features like gps locator n bank swipping facility etc. . obviously i will implement al tis in my approach too, even i ve planned to go for creating a online booking facility and also a justdail add for my advertisement. . pls guide me to know whether am in right way in launching. . n am in process of collecting a market survey from common public too, tis’s to bring a unique features for the valuable customers. . pls let me know ur views in my approach, wat can be made more specific to suggest a better feature to implement
    thank yo

  2. Bat says:

    I want to buy your book, but my country is not in the list. I live in Mongolia. All other countries are there, but not mine! How to solve this problem?

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