Planning for the holidays while being in charge (free video)

Yesterday I told you that one of the reasons so many
taxi business owners struggle in their businesses is
that they do not plan in advance. They know that
Halloween is going to be busy, New Years Eve is going to be busy,
January is most likely going to be slow, but they don’t do anything
A) Really capitalize on busy times
B) Turn slow time into busy time

On top of that, such taxi business owners have no clue
how to measure their advertising. They fall victims to
advertising reps, who sell space/clicks/views, but not results.
If this is a problem for you, go watch my free video “How Do I Make The Phone Ring”
(even though this video is 27 minutes long, it has been watched on youtube more than
5,000 times. Tells you how valuable it is… and also gives a hint about how
many taxi business owners I have as happy clients and why I am so busy).


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