Power in numbers: a practical example

Yesterday I told you about a client of mine who surveyed his clients with the following results:

My clients go to:
work  – 33.7%
school – 4%
hospital – 10.3%
train station 2%
kindergarten 4.3%
business trips 3.3%
hair salons 3.3%
stores 10.3%
neighboring town 9%
parking lot 3.7%
to hang out with friends 2.7%
bars 4.7%
didn’t say 2.7%

How do we use this information?

Well, here are a few examples.

We see that most of his customers to go and from work. This means a few things:

  • They know when they need to be at work and when their workdays end. It allows us to introduce pre-pay and start scheduling the rides in advance
  • Most important thing to people who go to work is arriving at work on time. We can immediately stand out from competition by offering an on-time guarantee combined with advanced booking
  • We can start partnering up with businesses and possibly have them introduce taxi rides as benefits to their employees

4% of customers take their kids to school and 4.3% of customers take their kids to kindergartens. This suggest child seats in the cars, promoting safety first (notice the difference between this group of customers and those who go to work) and partnering up with schools/kindergartens (do they have school buses? Do they provide any kind of transportation to kids? If not, can we be the ones to do so?)

10.3% of customers to go neighborhood stores. This suggests partnering up with local stores. An example of such a promotion: spend $X at ABC store and get a round-trip ride to our store with XYZ taxi

Want more examples and ideas on how to promote your taxi service? My Taxi Business Transformation Program has literally hundreds of them.


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