Reasons why you may not be as successful as you’d like to be

In order to get all the way to the top in taxi business, you need to be aware that success is actually counter-intuitive—it is different from what you would normally expect; it doesn’t agree with what “seems right” or “natural.” 

Take a moment now, and think about where you are in life and how you got there. 

Ask yourself:  How common was my journey?

I’ll wager that it was uncommon, and parts of it were not “normal” or “expected.”

Think about the most successful people you’ve heard of.

Bill Gates dropped out of college.

Natural way of succeeding is: go to college. Get a degree. Then get a job.

Donald Trump had several corporations that went bankrupt. Now he’s mega-successful.

Natural way of building wealth: slowly. Sequentially. Without ups and downs.

In the taxi business we want to do uncommon things. We want to be different from the majority.  The counter-intuitive path to success is not to do what is normal or expected, but to do what our clients want.

Let me give you a specific example. How do most people get started in the taxi business?  They they get some cars, they advertise that they are “clean and reliable.”   Then they try to sell their services and struggle to find clients.

Why do they struggle? Because they are saying what every other taxi company is saying, they are no different than anyone else, they are just plain boring.

Be counter-intuitive.  Ask your clients, or those people you want to provide transportation for:  What do you want?  What matters to you?”

If they tell you “we want a car on time, every time” then you use that as a unique selling preposition (a USP), and you create a taxi service that provides a guaranteed arrival time.

And when you do that, selling your services becomes easier and getting new customers becomes easier.  Why?  Because you didn’t just imitate something that wasn’t needed in the market, you created something new that the market was asking for.   And after you create what you were asked for, there will be instant demand and you will quickly get new clients.

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