So I’ve decided to be a nice guy and answer some questions…

As I always tell you, you need to know who your
customers are. Then you need to develop a way
to separate your prospects from those who are not
a fit. Here’s how I use this strategy in my business:

My ideal client is someone who is “hungry” and is a doer.
“Hungry” doesn’t mean having no money. I have hungry
clients who are making a ton. What makes them
hungry is ambition and desire to make more.

Then I’ve built a system. Here’s how it works:

1. I have free articles and videos on the website.
There’s plenty of information in them for people
to see what I am about and what teach.

2. There’s a book for $20. With all the printing,
shipping and handling I don’t many any money
on the book. For me it is a tool that lets me
separate doers from tire-kickers, cheapskates and
those who do nothing.

and so when I get an email like is:

Tom, its not that I’m cheap I’m realistic. May I ask what business college you attended? Some of us simply do not have in our budgets especially if your a small start up to afford your materials. So, do this put your money where your moulth is and send me your materials for free, or in realistic afford able steps. If you advice is so profitable why wouldn’t I than as well as others keep buying more support. But, to shell out$1200 because you claim to be the taxi god of business advice without no references or credentials to check, I’d be a bigger fool and would need your regret

*** Here’s how I answer: ***


Let me cut to the chase: you don’t really care about my credentials.
What you care about is what I can do for you and for your business.

Speaking of this, first, there are hundreds   of   articles
and updates on our website with news, ideas and tips. Did they do
anything for you? Did you read them?
Did you implement anything I teach in the articles?

If you did, then results did you get? Did you get any at all? If not, you could
have emailed us and asked questions.

Oh, there’s also a bunch of testimonials with names and phone numbers.
Did you call any of the people in them? Did you talk to any of them?

Next, there’s a book. The book costs really a lot, whopping $20. It has
120 pages of information in it. Same questions, did you read it? Did you
apply anything?

Here’s what I think. You having the questions you are having means one of three things:
1. You didn’t study all the free stuff.
2. You didn’t apply what you’ve studied.
3. You  did  apply what you studied, but it didn’t work. In this case
you  could  have emailed or called us and said: “Here’s what you said.
Here’s   what   I’ve   done.  Here  are  the  results.  They  are  not
satisfactory.  Please  take  a  look  and tell me why it didn’t work.
What can I do to make it work?”
However,  you  haven’t  done  that either,  have you?

All you are doing now is asking for more free stuff.

We are not a match. Please do not buy anything.


PS  Inner Circle Membership is $97/month. $1200 is rounded-up cost for
a  year. Obviously, it only pays for itself when you DO SOMETHING with
the information you get, so I can see how it wouldn’t work for you.


All this results in me dealing only with clients who know
what I am about, who get results and are happy to pay my fees.

Want help building a system like this in your taxi business?
Hit “reply” and let us know 🙂

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