Some fun taxi-related weekend reading for you: UberDuds

Just in case you’ve been really busy
this week (which most of my readers are) and
didn’t follow the taxi industry news,
I want to get you up to speed.

I promise, I’ll be fun.

Last Friday during a dinner with journalists
Uber’s VP of Business Emil Michael voiced an
idea to spend a $1M to hire a team to dig
dirt on families of those journalists who
think Uber has flaws.

All of this just proves the point I’ve been
making for a long time: Uber and other
apps are not all-powerful and all-smart.
Also, they do leave segments of the market
that are up for grabs and if you are smart
and know what you are doing, you have
nothing to worry about.

Anyways, back to the story. Yes, the guy
threatened journalists IN FRONT of

You can read more about this here (but

be sure to come back to this email, because I
have more fun links for ya):

Uber Executive Suggests Digging Up Dirt On Journalists

Here’s the response by the lady who he was threatening:

PandoDaily’s Sarah Lacy Responds to Uber

What did Uber do? They brought Ashton Kutcher to wonder
what’s wrong with threating journalists and said that there’s a
conflict of interest with journalists that write “bad” things about them,
even though they share the same investors:

As pressure mounts, Uber doubles down on its smear campaign against Pando, Buzzfeed and other media

Which followed by explosion of articles like this one:

The Ten Worst Uber Horror Stories

To sum all this up: the only reason Uber is considered to be
“the smartest guy in the room” is because the majority of
people in our industry are so dumb.

Want to make sure you are not one of them?

Take a few minutes to watch this video
to see if this might help you…


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