Step By Step System On How To Find All The Drivers, Dispatchers and Mechanics You’ll Ever Need


From: Tom Terrance


Finding quality people remains the biggest problem for many taxi business owners.

Here are just a few letters I have received recently:


“My first driver simply disappeared with the vehicle for a couple of days and I’m sure you can imagine how stressful that was. He was fired instantly now I’m trying to figure out how to get a quality driver.”.

“Our regulars love that the cars arrive on time and that we have friendly dispatchers, but this completely changes on weekends. We just don’t seem to ever have enough drivers. Finding more drivers is definitely our biggest problem.”.

“Finding quality personnel is my #1 problem. I need programmers, drivers, executives, marketers. Currently I have to do everything myself first and then look for someone I could teach everything. It’s very frustrating.”

“Doing a lot is definitely an option since I’ve become your Inner Circle Member, but finding knowledgeable people remains my most challenging problem. If a marketing campaign turns out to be a huge success and I get a lot of new clients, yet have no trained people, the clients will quickly leave me”.

My problem is finding professional drivers. I don’t have a lot of fares yet, but I am making good money. All the potential workers are scared of my strict rules. They don’t like when someone controls their work. Yet leaving them on the loose would mean becoming what all of my competitors are – just another stinky taxi service and I don’t want that.”


“Most of my questions have to do with finding people. One of the keys to my success so far has been finding and training good people. But the problem is that it’s difficult to find these people, and when they leave, it puts an enourmous strain on me. I’m kind of discouraged and am getting to the point of thinking that if I can’t retain my key people, I want to see the business, because the process of finding is so laborious and stressful that it just isn’t worth it.”

Please read this letter in its entirety if you recognize yourself in at least one of the following:

1. You have no idea where to find POLITE, HONEST, PEOPLE-ORIENTED, HARD-WORKING drivers or dispatchers.
2. During rush hour you don’t have enough cars on the road and say no to your customers, thus losing money.
3. Instead of working on your business and getting more customers you are frequently behind the wheel driving.
4. Your competitors are stealing your drivers.
5. You feel that there are no good people who want to work in a taxi company, so you are glad to hire anyone who decides they want to work for you.
6. You don’t have enough dispatchers, are losing fares and have no idea what to do about it.

Hang with me here. And I promise I’ll take you beyond just another trick or two… And I want to show you a system for hiring people you can quickly begin using today to flood your pipeline with candidates than you have ever imagined possible and take your taxi service to an entirely new level because of it.

Think I am exaggerating? Here are a few stories from my private clients:



People come because they want to work for me.

I really wanted to say a lot, but I get shy when I know that what I say is being recorded, which is why I am writing this letter. My work with Mr. Terrance proved that I was right about the things I was doing intuitively. Our dispatchers are no longer strangers to our clients. Our drivers started dressing better and take care of their cars. Clients give us terrific testimonials knowing that WE WORK FOR THEM.

During my work with Mr. Terrance the number of fares went up from 300-400 to 420-500 a day. New drivers come and ask if we have any positions available all the time.

Nadezhda K., Bear Taxi


I have completely changed the way I run my taxi business. I have recently replaced all my drivers with new people. I did the same with dispatchers, too.

I have been visiting your website and reading your emails for a while. It sounded interesting and I started paying attention to it.

I’ve decided to work with Mr. Terrance more closely. I wasn’t willing to re-invent the bicycle. I wanted some fresh, new, practical, applicable information, which I had none of.

It was clear from the very beginning that I won’t get a magic pill. I would get very useful information, but for it to work I’d have to apply it. This is why I see some Inner Circle Members get no results. It’s no wonder, because they don’t do anything.

Working with Mr. Terrance, I realized that I was blind. I started seeing my mistakes. I have created a structure, but it was emptly inside. Sizzle, no steak. You gave me a manual on where to find and how to cook real steak.

I have completely changed the way I run my taxi business. I have recently replaced all my drivers with new people. I did the same with dispatchers, too.

Еlena K., taxi “ELVIS”


How do my clients get such results?

A lot of taxi business owners think that decent people don’t want to work as taxi drivers. That there’s something shameful about being a taxi driver.

You are probably thinking that I’ll try to convince you of the opposite. You are wrong. I won’t.

Let’s be honest here: the statement above is true. Hard-working, honest, people-oriented people really don’t want to work as taxi drivers.

However, instead of blaming them, I suggest we ask ourselves: why is this happening?

We won’t have to think long. The answer is simple. It’s the perception of our industry: old dirty cars, stinky drivers (and when using the word “stinky” here, I am using it literally!), who have no idea where they are going and quite often can’t even speak English!

– They never have change, will never help with with luggage, not to mention their behavior with women, which sometimes turns into an outright harassment, – that’s what ordinary people think about taxi industry.

However, the fact that good workers don’t want to work for you doesn’t mean that there are no quality workers in your town.

More than once my clients posted ads looking for drivers without saying that drivers were needed for a taxi service. Here’s what was happening every single time:

the phone was ringing like crazy, but most of the people were hanging up after learning they’d have to drive for a taxi service.

Therefore, the problem is not that there are no people who can work. The problem is that good people don’t want to work for a taxi company.

So, what do you do when you need drivers or dispatchers?

– Most likely you completely ignore the problem I’ve just described.
– You look for drivers and dispatchers in the same way and in the same places your competitors do.
– You put an ad in a newspaper or on craiglist that says “Drivers wanted” or put some lame-looking stickers on your taxicabs. Your ads look exactly the same your competitors’ ads do.

I recently had a client who told me he couldn’t find good drivers. I asked him how and where he advertised. He said he advertised in a newspaper and sent me a scan of the page. Now to the best part: he couldn’t find his own ad, because all ads on the page looked absolutely identical!

Does your ad look the same as all the other ads do, too? Well, then it’s not a surprise that great drivers don’t line up to work for you!

Imagine a great driver, who is looking for a job. Why would he respond to your ad? Why would he want to work for your taxi service?

You need to stop doing what you’ve been doing before and start looking for people in a totally new way!

Great people will not line up to work for you just because you wish they did. They also won’t respond to the ads your typical loser taxi driver responds to.

Sure, once in a while you’ll experience “dumb luck” and find one quality driver or dispatcher, but the fact that you are currently not happy about your people and/or can’t find great people means only one thing – you need to stop doing what you’ve been doing and learn a way to find drivers that works!

My System has an entire part devoted to how and where to look for people and what to pay attention to when hiring drivers and dispatchers. My System also has samples of actual ads that my private clients use and get great results every single time!

This Is Part Three Of The System. It Is Called:

How And Where To Find All The Drivers, Dispatchers and Mechanics You’ll Ever Need

From this part of the System you’ll learn:

How to create a hiring strategy that will work for your specific taxi service
Where to look for great people
How to look for them
How and where to advertise on a budget and stay invisible to your competitors
Elements of an effective hiring ad
The best time to look for people
The best source of new personell for a taxi service
A checklist of places to advertise in
How to find where your future drivers are today

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just place a great ad

What usually happens in your taxi service after you post an ad? You hire any breathing body that comes through the door!

It was happening because you didn’t have many people wanting to work for you.

A part of my System is devoted to exactly this: finding quality people. Step One: flood your pipeline with great people. Step Two: pick those who best fit your needs.

Most likely, at the moment you don’t have a process that lets you choose people in a smart way. It’s not surprising, because you didn’t have anyone to choose from!

An interview with a potential candidate, be it a driver or a dispatcher, in a taxi industry is something absolutely unheard of!

Most taxi business owners think that interviews are for big companies that offer “decent jobs” and wouldn’t even know what to interview a taxi driver for!

Of course they wouldn’t. Let’s take a typical interview in a big company. More often than not it consists of stupid questions of the “tell me about your weaknesses” kind. And why do they conduct these interviews in the first place? Because they have people to choose from, which we don’t, because noone wants to work for us!

Your workers can be your treasure… or your worst nightmare!

Most likely up to know it was a matter of chance. It was a matter of chance because no one taught you how to find and select people for your taxi business in a smart way!

Solution Exists!

This solution is my Step By Step System On How To Find All The Drivers, Dispatchers and Mechanics You’ll Ever Need!

Finding quality people should not depend on luck. It should depend on knowledge and skills, which my System will teach you.

You look for people and hire people all the time. Every time you do so, you do same things – post ads, take calls, choose a candidate.

My System turns this random process into, well, a System! My System works every time you need to find a new person, be it a drivers, dispatcher or manager. Once you apply the System, you’ll find people you are looking for!

My System will help you take the guesswork out of finding and hiring people.

What does my Step by Step Hiring System consist of?

Part 1: Intro

From this part you’ll learn about most common mistakes and misconceptions taxi business owners make when looking for people.

You will also learn all most important principles behind my Step By Step Taxi Business Hiring System. Now you’ll not only know what to do, but also know why you are doing it.

Next you’ll learn all the misconceptions about hiring and get an explanation on why all those misconceptions are flat out WRONG.

Part 2: How And Where To Find All The Drivers, Dispatchers and Mechanics You’ll Ever Need

I talked about this part of the System earlier in this letter. From this part of the System you’ll learn about how to create a hiring strategy that will work for your taxi service, where and how to look for people and you’ll get examples of actual ads I created for my private clients

Part 3: Success Profile

A typical ad for a taxi driver or dispatcher looks like this: here’s what your responsibilities are, here’s how much money you’ll be making. A typical ad usually describes a position.

Describing a position is a huge mistake, because you aren’t hiring a position. You are hiring a person. Therefore, you need to describe a person you want to hire.

Success profile is a written document with clear description of critical requirements that an employee needs to have in order to achieve the result we want him to achieve.

If you do not have a written document, you’ll be acting according to the principle “I’ll know it when I see it”.

If this principle worked, you wouldn’t be reading this letter right now.

From this part of the System you’ll learn:

  • What success is
  • How to make success measurable – even for your drivers
  • Why labeling people may be good
  • How to predict behavior
  • How to make success profile work for you
  • Success Profile requirements
  • How people learn and why it’s extremely important to know that
  • The key to success of your success profile
  • Success profile definition
  • Success profile components
  • 4 steps to creating a great success profile
  • Where to look for success in your taxi business
  • How to look for leaders
  • What to do with your fears
  • Why it’s so important to always stay positive

Part 4: Letter To The Applicant

You’ve studied my System and you’ve posted a great ad you took from the samples you got with the System. The phone started ringing. People are calling and they are interested in working for you.

Here’s what usually happens: Phone rings. The person on the phone says he’s interested in working as a taxi driver. He is being told: go to the police department, get a hack licence, go to a doctor, get checked, come and start working!

Here’s some hard cold truth for you: You can’t get the results you want by hiring random people who deliver random results!

Therefore, you need to make sure you are hiring the right people. However, talking to someone when they show up at your office at random is a terrible idea. If they show up during rush hour, you’ll most likely be crazy busy and won’t have enough time to pay attention to them. Secondly, in order to talk to someone productively you want to know their background. You want to know where they’ve worked, what they’ve been doing in the past, get some references, etc. You could ask for all this info on the spot, but most people won’t have it with them. Also, talking to everyone at this point means wasting a lot of time. You talk to someone, explain everything, they leave and you never see them again. You’ve just wasted you time. Not something you want to do.

The solution to this problem is having a letter to the applicant. You give the letter to everyone interested in working for you. The letter describes your taxi service, your objectives and your requirements, so that you don’t have to be explaining all of it to every applicant.

My System has a template of such a letter that you’ll be able to adapt to your taxi company and start using right away.

Notice what happened: someone shows up and asks if you are hiring. You give them a letter and an application. How many taxi services do that? None! You’ve got attention. Next, what would happen if the person is lazy and undisciplined? They’ll look at the letter, they’ll look at the application and think: “Oh My God, do I really have to read this? Do I really have to fill this out? So much work already? I am not doing this!” You’ll never see them again, which is exactly what you want. You just got rid of all lazy slobs without wasting any of your time! All it took was to give them a letter! Perfect! At the same time someone responsible would read your letter and think: “wow, these guys are different. I want to work here.”

Part 5: Screening

We move those who read the letter to applicant and fill out an application to screening. Screening is a very short interview. It lasts 5-10 minutes.

Why screening and not an interview?

Because we want to quickly make sure that the person you are talking to is the person who filled out the application. That’s it. All we need is 5 minutes.

My System also contains a template of 14 quick screening questions. I also guide you though the questions and explain how different people answer them and why. Now you’ll be able to separate losers from the winners in about 3 minutes!

Also from this part of the System you will learn:

  • How to read resumes properly
  • How many resumes you can read at once
  • How to know for sure that you are reading resumes properly
  • Why read resumes at all
  • How to turn quantity into quality
  • Resume styles
  • What to do if you don’t like a resume
  • On the art of selling oneself
  • Screening Objectives
  • Screening Options
  • Little tricks: how to say no without aggravating or upsetting someone
  • 14 Questions that will instantly weed out future bad drivers

If a person passes through screening, we move on to

Part 6: Interview and Making a Decision

The goal of an interview is to check if an interviewee has the qualities, skills and knowledge we’ve described in the success profile in part 3. Usually during an interview taxi business owners make a ton of mistakes that you’ll be able to avoid.

Here are these mistakes:

1. You forget to ask something important. The solution is simple: come to an interview prepared. My System shows you how to prepare quickly and effectively!

2. You interpret answers incorrectly. Here’s why it happens: Research shows that your primary emotion when looking to hire people is pain. You can’t find drivers and dispatchers and it hurts your business and it hurts you personally. You need to hire someone. You think you’ll avoid pain if you hire the person sitting in front you. This is why you want to make everything in the hiring process, even your intuition, measurable. My System will teach you exactly how to do that.

4. Making a decision too quickly.

5. Losing control. This is the most common mistake during an interview. When you lose control, you start getting information the interviewee wants to give you. Key to success here is simple: focusing on getting the information YOU need.

From this part of the System you will also learn:

  • How many people should be conducting an interviews
  • What questions to ask
  • How long should an interview last
  • How to create interview questions
  • 4 criteria of effective interview questions
  • 5 types of great interview questions
  • What you need to do before an interview
  • Questions not to ask
  • Why you don’t want your interviewees to be nervous
  • Potential problems and their solutions
  • How to start an interview
  • What to do if an interviewee starts ignoring your questions
  • How to instantly tell a lie
  • How to end an interview

What about my intuition and gut feeling about the people I am about to hire?

Here’s what you should do if something “doesn’t smell right” about the person: ask more questions, ask for more examples, ask for more details. Find out everything about the situation. That’s where you gut and intuition come into play. They don’t influence our decision, because our decision is based not on your intuition, but on your answer to the question: will this person be successful at the job?

Making a decision

Making a decision is easy, actually. That’s what my Hiring System is all about – making deciding easy. By now we’ve done all the hard work and you’ll know if the person will be successful at your job or not. If the answer is yes, you hire them. If the answer is no – you don’t. It’s that simple.

100%, No Hassle, No Risk, No B.S.,
One Year, Money Back


If at any time within full first year from the date of purchase you aren’t completely thrilled, head over heels, happy with our systems, you can send them back and get a full refund. This guarantee is very straightforward. You don’t need a note from your mother. No one will ask you any questions at all. No hassle. There isn’t any teeny, tiny fine print. If you aren’t happy, return it and get an immediate, full refund. Period. We’re devoted to the goal of only having satisfied customers. If you’re not going to profit from having our system, we really would prefer to buy it back. Owning our system either makes you a ton of money — or you pay nothing. We’ll buy it back from you, UNCONDITIONALLY!

This means that you can get, review, and use my System without risking a single penny of your money. Call me crazy, but I want you to be more than satisfied. Why else be in business?

Contents of the Step By Step System On How To Find All The Drivers, Dispatchers and Mechanics You’ll Ever Need:

– 6 Video CDs
– 6 Audio CDs
– Data CD with all the templates, examples and checklists
– Binder with Slides
– Binder with all the templates, examples and checklists
– Data CD with audio mp3s that you can transfer onto your mp3 player and listen to them at any time

This is what you will get when you order the Step By Step System On How To Find All The Drivers, Dispatchers and Mechanics You’ll Ever Need:

In addition to everything described above you’ll receive 15 bonuses:

Bonus №1.Tom Terrance’s Step by Step Hiring System for Taxi Business – Steps

Bonus №2. Success Profile Creation Checklist

Bonus №3. Smart Taxi Business Owner Checklist

Bonus №4.Checklist of Places to Advertise When Hiring

Bonus №5.Actual Ads That Work

Bonus №6.Letter To The Applicant

Bonus №7.Job Application

Bonus №8.14 Screening Questions

Bonus №9.Types and Characteristics of Effective Interview Questions

Bonus №10.Effective Interview Questions Checklist

Bonus №11.Conducting Effective Interviews Checklist

Bonus №12.How To Start An Interview – Sample Script

Bonus №13.Potential Interview Problems and Solutions Checklist

Bonus №14.Interview Table For 1 Candidate

Bonus №15. Interview Table For Multiple Candidates

What my private clients say about this System:



To be honest, work with Mr. Terrance opened my eyes. I am talking about business, I am talking about how I look at hiring..

Before working with Mr. Terrance I’d hire anybody. Have a quick conversation and hire them on the spot if I liked them. Now I only use the system. I always ask for references. I always conduct interviews. They aren’t as detailed as Mr. Terrance recommends, but they still work.

Before working with Mr. Terrance I thought I know a few things about this business. Now I know that I don’t know anything.

My wife started reading Mr. Terrance’s Inner Circle newsletter, too. We are in business together. She is my accountant and HR.

I don’t have my personal office yet, so interviewing in a quiet location is somewhat problematic, but I am planning on getting my own office shortly.

I am glad I invested all the money I invested into work with Mr. Terrance. Some of my friends think I’m nuts. They say: “Why you do need this, you already know everything,” while I myself know that, to tell the truth, I had no idea how to make things work the way they work in my business now.

Vlad M, Auto-taxi


I realize now that I need to change the system I’ve had for the last 5 years completely. .

After working with Mr. Terrance and using his System on Finding Drivers, Dispatchers and Managers I realized that I need to hire a separate person to be in charge of the hiring in my taxi service.

I am now on vacation, so I haven’t implemented a lot, but now we do check all the references for all the people that apply for work with us.

At first I had my doubts about working with Mr. Terrance, but now I am happy about this work. Best case scenario if I didn’t decide to work with Mr. Terrance: I’d figure things out by myself through trial and error in about 5-7 years. That’s way too long and expensive.

Serge B., Nika Taxi


We are now fixing everything. By this I mean fixing the scenario when a driver in any condition jumps into a car in any condition and starts driving. .

I am now going through the System for the fourth time. Every time I do so, I discover new things. I’ve started answering the question about what a successful driver is. The System definitely pushed me in the right direction. It gave me charge.

Andrew D.


Loved everything!.

The only thing that’s left is to implement Mr. Terrance’s System! I am very happy and have become an Inner Circle Member and invested in Taxi Business Success System also!

Serge O.


How much does this darned thing cost anyway?

Have you ever tried to figure out how much money you lose because you don’t have enough drivers and dispatchers? What about how much you lose because your drivers are being rude and disrespectful?

Taxi Business Hiring Stats are absolutely horrendous! Here are 6 areas where you lose money in the result of erroneous hires::

1. Advertising and marketing expenses When you hire a wrong person, all this money goes into waste. You need to start looking again and spend the money all over again.

2. Salary. You fire someone when they don’t do their job right. It means you were overpaying them. It means losing money again.

3. Training and teaching them everything they need to know. Training is an investment of time and money. When you have to get rid of someone it means that this investment goes down the drain.

4. Management. Time wasted on solving all the problems the employee created.

5. Opportunity cost. How much more could you have made if your employees and contractors worked the way they are supposed to work?

6. Lost Clients Lost opportunities, fares and money.

Because of all the reasons above it is estimated that one mishire costs three to six ANNUAL salaries of a given employee.

Let’s assume your drivers make $100 a day and work 6 days a week 50 weeks a year. That’s 300 days at $100 a day, $30,000 a year. Multiplying this by three, we obtain the real costs you bear when hiring a wrong driver: $90,000.

When using my System you will be able to avoid such mistakes one and for all. If you avoid just one hiring mistake once – that’s a savings of at least $90,000.


Obviously my System costs much less than $90,000. Only until this Thursday you can get the System and three bonuses:
– One month of Tom Terrance’s Inner Circle Membership ($297 value)
– Personal Strategy Session with Mr. Terrance ($1200 value)
– $100 discount of Taxi Business Success System

for just $997.