Dumb luck? Hardly!

Right now in the United States presidential candidates are campaigning in full gear trying to win the nomination in 2016 Presidential Election. Some of them are flat-out losers. Some a great example of how to promote and get free publicity for free. One of the main goals for a lot of candidates at this stage […] Read more »

Do you know who your customers are? (continued…)

This is part 2. Part 1 can be found here Jim is an engineer. He works 70 hours a week all year long. He gets one week of vacation. This week is the week. It’s his vacation week. He is going to the same airport as Carla, but what he wants is very different. He […] Read more »

Best US States to open a taxi business

The “Freedom in the 50 States” 2013 study was published last week by the libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center. The survey is based on fiscal issues such as job prospects and tax rates, regulatory policies that include property rights and personal freedoms such as gun laws. You can check it out for free here: Freedom In 50 […] Read more »

Getting customers when your taxi business is on a tight budget. Part 2.

As the results of my survey indicate (if you haven’t yet taken the survey, you can do so by CLICKING HERE), one of the most appealing subjects to the visitors of this website is getting customers for a taxi business while being on a tight budget. Read more… Read more »

Getting customers when your taxi business is on a tight budget

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have participated in the survey (112 people so far). I now have a really good idea of what you want and how to help you. Some exciting new products are coming soon. Stay tuned for news from me in the very near future! Read […] Read more »

First book testimonial of 2013

First testimonial of 2013 for my book “17 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business”: Had a hectic week in the job that funds my ventures but started into the book. Like it so far and principles can be applied elsewhere too. Already marketed to golf clubs in the area whose […] Read more »

In January’s Insider’s Circle Taxi Profits Elite Print Newsletter

you will read: – The Secret To Doing Better In Business And Life – page 1 – Miscellaneous News And Resources – page 2 – Starbucks Loyalty Program And How To Apply It To A Taxi Service – page 5 – A New Angle For Taxi Services – page 13 – Welcoming New Customers Of […] Read more »

Being a serious student…

Current taxi app-related discussions on the internet give everybody a great opportunity to study our business. You can see what customers want, read different opinions and decide where you are. You can then integrate these points into your marketing to connect better with your customers and advertise your taxi service better. Best of all, it’s […] Read more »