Taxi Software Survey Results

A few weeks I’ve conducted a survey about the software my readers are using. Today I want to share its results with you. Just  as  I expected,  there  is  nothing  on the market that users are really  happy  with.  This means that if you decide to choose software from the list below, chances are there […] Read more »

Accidental New Yorkers: Grandparents Relocate

Today I’ve stumbled across a great article in the New York Times. It’s called “Accidental New Yorkers: Grandparents Relocate.” Turns out, instead of spending their golden years baking in the sun, a growing number of seniors are choosing a grittier spot to play out their third act — New York City. Read more »

Power in numbers: a practical example

Yesterday I told you about a client of mine who surveyed his clients with the following results: My clients go to: work  – 33.7% school – 4% hospital – 10.3% train station 2% kindergarten 4.3% business trips 3.3% hair salons 3.3% stores 10.3% neighboring town 9% parking lot 3.7% to hang out with friends 2.7% […] Read more »

This facebook thing is actually fun!

As you may have noticed, last week I have finally decided to create a facebook page for my business. To be honest with you, at first I was skeptical. My business is doing great without any social media. I have more private clients than I can handle and my Inner Circle is growing steadily every […] Read more »

Next happens nothing and that’s exactly the problem…

Last week we talked about what happens in a typical taxi company when it comes to training new employees. When hired, a driver or dispatcher gets very little instructions. But let’s suppose you did train your drivers. What happens next? Chances are, next happens nothing. Read more »

Supply and demand in the taxi business

When it comes to supply and demand, many taxi business owners seem to be focused on demand. My phone rang. My phone didn’t ring. That’s demand. What they are forgetting is that there is another piece of this equation, the supply.  You can influence demand also by limiting supply or by creating a lot of […] Read more »

Attracting the right drivers for your taxi business: know your numbers

No taxi business owner wants to spend time running around looking for employees, and you are never guaranteed what or who you will get if you don’t have a clear picture of who you want.  Think about it: you want a specific person who possesses all the critical traits to help your taxi business achieve […] Read more »

Reasons why you may not be as successful as you’d like to be

In order to get all the way to the top in taxi business, you need to be aware that success is actually counter-intuitive—it is different from what you would normally expect; it doesn’t agree with what “seems right” or “natural.”  Take a moment now, and think about where you are in life and how you […] Read more »