[Taxi News]: Forget Uber, this newer on-demand car service will save you a fortune

Technology blogs toss around the word “disruption” so frequently that in most cases, it has lost all meaning. Where Uber is concerned, however, the company’s on-demand car service is nothing short of disruptive. It’s a complete game-changer that has taxi companies up in arms, and for good reason: Uber is better and smarter. Read more »

[Taxi News]: Uber faces increased competition in China as top 2 rivals merge

Bad news for Uber and its plans to break into the Chinese market has just emerged: the country’s two biggest taxi-hailing services have decided to merge. Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache, each already strong competition to Uber on their own, have decided to end a years long rivalry and merge into a single business entity […] Read more »

[Taxi News]: New York City Taxi Medallion Prices Keep Falling, Now Down About 25 Percent

Taxi medallion prices continue to fall under pressure from new taxi competitors, including Uber. New York City individual taxi medallions, whose owners must drive a taxi for at least part of the year, fell to $805,000, down 23 percent from 2013’s peak of $1.05 million. Corporate medallions, which may be owned in fleets, traded on […] Read more »