Getting customers when your taxi business is on a tight budget. Part 2.

As the results of my survey indicate (if you haven’t yet taken the survey, you can do so by CLICKING HERE), one of the most appealing subjects to the visitors of this website is getting customers for a taxi business while being on a tight budget. Read more… Read more »

Answering your questions: Airport Concession Taxi Stand Lost. What to do?

First of all, thank you for all the questions and compliments about my website that you guys are sending me. I’ve had a lot of new private clients and members of my Taxi Profits Inner Circle, so I’ve been quite swamped lately. I’ll get to all your questions, though. Here’s one for today:Read more… Read more »

First book testimonial of 2013

First testimonial of 2013 for my book “17 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business”: Had a hectic week in the job that funds my ventures but started into the book. Like it so far and principles can be applied elsewhere too. Already marketed to golf clubs in the area whose […] Read more »

Being a serious student…

Current taxi app-related discussions on the internet give everybody a great opportunity to study our business. You can see what customers want, read different opinions and decide where you are. You can then integrate these points into your marketing to connect better with your customers and advertise your taxi service better. Best of all, it’s […] Read more »

Uber quietly shutting down taxis in New York after fight with regulators

It was only yesterday when I wrote an article titled “Jealous of Uber? Don’t be: Uber Sued By Taxi And Livery Companies In Chicago For Consumer Fraud And More”. My point was and is very simple: technology companies do not change the nature of our business. They most often are just a middleman. They have […] Read more »

I told you so…

In my free article How To Make A Taxi Business Profitable I wrote: Most taxi companies provide “one size fits all” service to all of its customers. The owner of the taxi business fails to see and understand that he has several different groups of customers and that different customers have different needs. That’s exactly […] Read more »

Being boring

Yesterday I talked about how most taxi businesses are scared of apps, when apps aren’t the problem at all. The problem is that a typical taxi service has no relationship with its customers and its service sucks. Read more… Read more »

The Cabs Are Not Alright: Omaha and Lincoln, Ne.

I quite often publish posts about how bad taxi companies out there are. I do it for three reasons: 1. As an encouragement. Your competition is really bad and making money in our business is easy for those of you who decide to not be like the competition 2. As an example of what not […] Read more »