Power in numbers: a practical example

Yesterday I told you about a client of mine who surveyed his clients with the following results: My clients go to: work  – 33.7% school – 4% hospital – 10.3% train station 2% kindergarten 4.3% business trips 3.3% hair salons 3.3% stores 10.3% neighboring town 9% parking lot 3.7% to hang out with friends 2.7% […] Read more »

Principle of success #1 in taxi business: look at competition and do the opposite

A few weeks ago I talked to you about the typical mistakes that most taxi business owners make in their taxi services. You can see the past articles HERE This week I want to talk about a few principles of success. First principle comes from a motivational speaker whose name was Earl Nightingale. Read more… Read more »

The snowball of doing things right

Last week I told you about the guys that are doing things right in taxi business: The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC). You can read my full article about them by clicking here. Here’s a quick update about the DTC: Dubai Taxi bags Middle East customer care award. See, that’s what happens when you start doing […] Read more »

Do you really need to create something new to make more?

Today I want to finish our conversation about misconceptions that a lot of taxi business owners have in their heads. Last week we talked about the misconceptions of “I will be successful, if only I work long and hard” and “if only I have great service, if only I buy nice cars and have short […] Read more »

Just go do it!

Hey! First, I’d like to thank everyone who has invested in my Taxi Business Transformation Program. I’ve made sure I’ve created the simplest, easiest step-by-step Program that will help you take your taxi service to the next level. If you still haven’t done so, you can check it out by clicking here A word of […] Read more »

We’ve 60 taxicab and this company has only 15 vehicles but they’re drying out our airport business

A really interesting comment I received on my website recently: We’ve 60 taxicab and this company has only 15 vehicles but they’re drying out our airport business. I am not sure how to compete with them, they other “Double Money Back” guarantee if their driver is 5 minutes late !?!? check it out: http://charlenesaferide.com/rdu-airport-transfer and […] Read more »

Free ride back for the customers of your taxi business… paid by someone else

Often the customers of your taxi take a cab after going to a restaurant, bar or concert. They drive to the destination themselves, have a drink and can’t drive home. That’s why they call for taxi. A great strategy to build loyalty with such customers is free ride back. Free ride back is offering the […] Read more »